Gdscad api

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Gdscad api

GDSII files contain a hierarchical representation of any polygonal geometry. They are mainly used in the microelectronics industry for the design of mask layouts, but are also employed in other areas.

Because it is a hierarchical format, repeated structures, such as identical transistors, can be defined once and referenced multiple times in the layout, reducing the file size. There is one important limitation in the GDSII format: it only supports weakly simple polygonsthat is, polygons whose segments are allowed to intersect, but not cross.

In particular, curves and shapes with holes are not directly supported. Holes can be defined, nonetheless, by connecting their boundary to the boundary of the enclosing shape.

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In the case of curves, they must be approximated by a polygon. The number of points in the polygonal approximation can be increased to better approximate the original curve up to some acceptable error. This limit seems arbitrary, as the maximal number of vertices that can be stored in a GDSII record is Nonetheless, most modern software disregard both limits and allow an arbitrary number of points per polygon. Gdspy follows the modern version of GDSII, but this is an important issue to keep in mind if the generated file is to be used in older systems.

After importing the gdspy module, we create a library lib to hold the design. Then a gdspy. Cell is created and the rectangle is added to the cell. A cell can be imagined as a piece of paper where the layout will be defined. By default, all created cells are included in this operation.

Alternatively, gdspy includes a simple viewer that can also be used: gdspy. General polygons can be defined by an ordered list of vertices. As mentioned in Getting Startedholes have to be connected to the outer boundary of the polygon, as in the following example:.

The gdspy. Round class creates circles, ellipses, doughnuts, arcs and slices.Enter search terms or a module, class or function name. The objects found here are intended to correspond directly to elements found in the GDSII specification. The fundamental gdsCAD object is the Layout, which contains all the information to be sent to the mask shop. A Layout can contain multiple Cells which in turn contain references to other Cells, or contain drawing geometry.

These can all be added to a cell. Only Boundary and Path are drawing elements.


Bases: gdsCAD. The factor k can be a scalar or 2D vector allowing non-uniform scaling. A Cell are added by implicitly creating a CellReferencethey can be accompanied by all the arguments available when explicity using CellReference. To add a Cell as an array it is necessary to first create the CellArray and then add that.

gdscad api

Returns a list of copies of the elements of this cell with References converted to Paths and Boundaries. DxfImport will attempt to cast layer name strings to integers. If it fails the default layer will be used. The class Elements is intended to simplify geometric transformations on several drawing elements at once. Elements is not a substitute for Cell.

In particular, multiple Elements added to a design cannot be added by reference. Each instance will be seperately written to the file. There are many different ways of initializing an Elements list. The simplest is to call it with no parameters i. Elements and then add elements. One list of elements can be added to another. The individual objects in the first Elements list will be added to the second so that the list is flat. All elements in the list share the same layer and datatype.

Changing the layer or datatype for the Elements list changes it for all contained elements. A :class: Layout containing the imported gds file. For example, if a circle with radius 1. Cell names are checked for uniqueness. If there are duplicate cell names then a unique ID is appended to the cell name to force uniqueness. Top level cells are those that are not referenced by any other cells. If E present and has a. Paths are not automatically closed. Paths are rendered by first converting them to a shapely polygon and then converting this to a descartes polgyonpatch.

This generates a path whose line width scales with the drawing size.

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Aside from being convoluted it means that path ends always render as half-circles.Bases: object. If layers is None, all layers are used. Adds data to the.

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Calculates and returns the envelope for the given layers. Returns None if it is empty. Returns a single shapely object containing the structures on a certain layer from this cell and all added cells. Saves a description file for the layout. The file format is not final yet and might change in a future release. Generates a list of markers markers in each corner around the given bounding box.

In each corner the markers are arranged in an L shape. This allows to have more markers for exposure of many steps sometimes more than four markers are necessary with larger distance between the markers minimize risk of wrong markers being found by the EBL without taking up too much space.

Calculates the bounding box of all bounding boxes in the given list. Each bbox has to be given as xmin, ymin, xmax, ymax tuple. Since Shapely objects do not contain layer information nor line width for Shapely lines, you have to specify these during conversion. Typically, you will only convert polygons and specify the layer. Then merge them again. May result in better fracturing but high numbers increase conversion time.

If only one of the axis is given, and the other axis is None, the object is cut at the given axis.

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If both values are given, or inferred to be the center of the bounding box due to being both None, the object is cut along its longer side. If None, the standard cell bounds will be used. If None defaultthe current extent of the cell will be chosen. Parameters: filename — Name of the file which will be created. The file ending determines the format.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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gdsCAD 0.4.5

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If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. It's suitable for scripting and interactive use. It excels particularly in generating designs with multiple incrementally adjusted objects. Here is a simple example that shows the creation of some text with alignment features. It involves the creation of drawing geometry, Cell and a Layout.

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gdscad api

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CellArray cell, 1, 2, 0, top. Text objects are included in show autoscaling Added levels of verbosity to GdsImport Cell and Layout now support created and modified dates Path endcaps and vertices now render correctly with show Introduced laydat tuple combining layer and datatype Introduced object selection methods for Cell v0.

Thanks to Matthias Blaicher.Released: Feb 6, View statistics for this project via Libraries. It excels particularly in generating designs with multiple incrementally adjusted objects. Here is a simple example that shows the creation of some text with alignment features. It involves the creation of drawing geometry, Cell and a Layout.

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gdscad api

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